Weather in Costa Rica - Guanacaste Average

The below table shows the Guanacaste averages for the weather in Costa Rica.

NOTE: Most of the days with rain in the beach areas are for less than an hour per day until September and October when the real stuff can come down.

Guanacaste Low Temp High Temp Total Precipitation Days with Rain
Jan 69.1 92.1 .04 1
Feb 70.0 93.9 .07 0
Mar 71.1 95.7 .21 0
Apr 73.0 96.8 .69 3
May 74.3 93.2 7.81 15
June 73.8 89.8 9.64 23
July 73.0 90.0 5.80 18
Aug 72.7 89.8 8.10 19
Sept 72.1 88.2 14.41 28
Oct 72.0 88.0 12.50 25
Nov 70.9 89.1 4.06 12
Dec 70.0 90.7 .44 4
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Costa Rica Tide Chart - Pacific Ocean

This chart is for Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

The horizontal lines show the maximum range of the tide for a year either side of the present. 

Puntarenas, Costa Rica tide times for the next 7 days


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